SSCOBA to Empower the College Education with Virtual Class Rooms

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Having successfully conducted the 1st term tests for grades 6 to 11 using the college and OBA websites and providing answers through WhatsApp Groups created for each grade, SSCOBA is taking a further step to empower the college education with Virtual Class Rooms using Microsoft Office 365 Education and Microsoft Teams applications.

At the initial stage, grades 10, 11, 12 & 13 will be onboarded to Virtual Class Rooms and other grades will be onboarded in stages in the due course. With Microsoft Office 365 Education and Microsoft Teams, all college students and teachers will get an email address under the college domain name and that can be used until they leave the college. For an example, [email protected] will be the email address. Also, each student & teacher will be given free online Office 365 access too.

With this technology implementation, our Alm Mater will be one of the very few colleges in the Island to conduct fully equipped Virtual Class Rooms.

We would like to thank Old Sumangalian Mr. Nirodha Goonawardena, Senior Consultant at Sanje (Private) Limited for providing us these tools absolutely free from Microsoft.

This is the first step of the digital transformation project taking place at the college carried out by the ICT & Digital subcommittee of SSCOBA. Once the Virtual Class Rooms are implemented for all grades in the college, SSCOBA will start on the School Management System, which will empower students, teachers, college administration as well as parents.

If you are a student or a teacher of grades 10 to 13, please register for Virtual Class Rooms by using the below links.

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12 Science 

Grade 12 Commerce 

Grade 13 Science

Grade 12 Commerce

Grade 12 & 13 Arts

If you are facing any problem with the above forms please contact below contact points for support.

Nalaka De Silva – Assistant Principal (0718015076)
Gayan Srinath – Grade 10, 11 Section Head (0714448529)
Samantha Liyanagamage – Grade 10 Head (0714445364)
Ms. Nilangani – Grade 11 Head (0782800592)
Ms. Nishanthi Karunarathne – Grade 12, 13 ICT Teacher (0714967676)

If you need any clarifications regarding this project please contact the ICT & Digital subcommittee of SSCOBA using below contacts.

Sampath Perera – Vice President (077 783 6296)
Chamara Peiris – Vice President (0712 967 967)