The SSCOBA has identified some important projects and prioritized them for the benefit of the students of our College.

සිරි සුමඟුල් විදුහලේ... යසස පතමු දින දිනේ...

We need your fullest co-operation and assistance in any form to make these projects initiated by the OBA a reality. This request is made in the backdrop of restricted government funding.

For the OBA alone, it is considered an uphill task and we are confident that you all could share the joy of brightening up the lives of over 3000 student population and to make their childhood meaningful and most importantly to groom them as valuable citizens in Sri Lanka in shaping our country for a better future.

The major projects initiated by the OBA which need funding are as follows;

The OBA look for find funds for the construction of the Changing Rooms and viewing galleries (approx. Rs. 2.5 million) for the swimming pool.

It is proposed to construct a multi functional hall facing the Horana – Panadura Road (approx. cost Rs. 5 million) which is to be leased out to meet the operational costs of the swimming pool in order to offer the use of the pool to students of Sri Sumangala & neighboring schools at a nominal fee.

A motor vehicle capable of transporting about twenty students is another URGENT necessity for the Alma Mater. It is very useful for many of our students when they engaged in extra – curricular activities. The cost of the vehicle is Rs. 2,500,000.00 (USD 25,000.00).

This is considered as an important project in order to help our Alma Mater to upkeep and maintain the new building facilities due to acquire on completion of the construction of proposed new school by the Government of Japan.

We need your financial other forms of contributions possible for various other projects in addition to the “special projects” identified by the OBA for the benefit our students.

Among these, we wish to mention some of the projects / programmes that are being continued / to be commenced;

  1. Special Fund for Annual Prize Giving
  2. Various Student scholarship programmes for deserving students
  3. Student scholarship programmes for students who excel in their studies as an encouragement
  4. Library Fund – to enhance the library activities
  5. Cricket Fund – To develop and assist where necessary with meeting expenses related to conducting the game (need approx. USD 10,000 per year)
  6. Special Fund to conduct “Colours Nite” to recognize the achievements of students (need approx. USD 2000 per year)

If you need any further clarifications please contact us.