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“සුමඟුල් රිවි බල” Solar Power System Project Initiated by SSCOBA

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Sri Sumangala College Old Boys’ Association (SSCOBA), an integral part of the college is at the verge of celebrating its 100th anniversary on 28th October 2022. In lieu of this historical moment, SSCOBA has planned a number of projects for the betterment of both the present day students of our Alma Mater and the old boys.

One such activity is to install a solar power system at the college premises whilst fulfilling a social responsibility of supporting the promotion of green energy.

At present, the college consumes approximately 1,000 units of electricity a month and incurs an expense of Rs. 90,000/- on average. SSCOBA has understood that the proposed project cost would be in the range of Rs 1.6Mn to Rs 2Mn. This would be phase one of this project and based on its success, SSCOBA would plan to expand the power generation capacity through another phase.

We would like to welcome all Sumangalians to contribute to make this project a success.

Please contact Mahesh on 0762 745 213 or Ketipe on 0777 316 183 or Dhanuka on 0773 224 224 or Chamath onm0727 519 408 or for further information about the project.