Empowering Voices: South Asian Technologies Sponsors Verbalius 2024 Debating Championship

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We are thrilled to announce that South Asian Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is stepping up as the full sponsor of Verbalius 2024! This prestigious All Island Debating Tournament is brought to you by the dedicated English Literary Association of Sri Sumangala College.

This sponsorship was facilitated through the unwavering support of the Sri Sumangala College Old Boys’ Association. A special shoutout to Mr. Mahesh Fonseka, the Immediate Past President and a one of the current Advisors of SSCOBA, who played a pivotal role in coordinating this partnership. Mr. Fonseka, who also serves as the Finance Manager at South Asian Technologies (Pvt) Ltd, has been instrumental in bringing this collaboration to fruition.

A huge thank you to South Asian Technologies (Pvt) Ltd for empowering future voices and everyone involved in making this possible. Here’s to a successful and unforgettable Verbalius 2024!