Contribution to the College by the SSCOBA in 2018

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In 2018, SSCOBA donated Rs 1,434,208/- to the college for various initiations and projects. This was done with the help of Old Boys and Well Wishers.

The list goes as below.

Donations to School in 2018Value (Rs)
Allowances Paid to Academic & Non-Academic
Staff of School
Cricket Coaching Fees240,000
Big Match 2018100,000
Rugby Development51,816
Sportsmeet Expenses 201889,175
Scholarship Expenses 2018222,600
Provision of Answer Scripts for School169,800
Donations to Library120,000
Provision of Milk Packets to Gunananda Thero’s
Supplying a Steel Cupboard to the Principal’s Office14,000
Provision of A3 Bundles for School17,500
Donation for Scouts District Rally20,000
Donation for Junior & Senior Prefects Days16,000
Oratory Contests – OBA Day Programme36,092
Donation to Quiz Club10,000
Do You Know Quiz Contests – OBA Day Programme37,525
Donation for Drama Work Shop5,000
Fixing 3 Window Grills at School13,200
Fixing 5mm, 72″x48″ mirror to the drama room17,000