Celebrating the Generous Donation of 16 Laptops and an Epson Multimedia Unit by Sumangalian Mayura Edirisinghe and 96 Batch

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On behalf of Sri Sumangala College Old Boys’ Association (SSCOBA), we extend our deepest gratitude to Sumangalian Mayura Edirisinghe, who lives in Melbourne, Australia and Sumangala 96 Batch for their generous donation of 16 laptops and an Epson Multimedia Unit to the college. This thoughtful gesture significantly enhances our college’s educational resources.

A special mention goes to the college Photographic Society, the proud recipient of one of these laptops. This contribution will undoubtedly nurture the creative talents of our aspiring photographers.

We commend Dinesh Ketipearachchi, Joint Secretary of SSCOBA, for his exemplary role in initiating and coordinating this donation. His dedication and organizational skills have been pivotal in this successful endeavour.

Our sincere thanks to Sumangalian Viraj Silva for his assistance in the customs clearing of the laptops, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Additionally, we are immensely grateful to SSCOBA Vice President Chamath Dias for his invaluable support in both the donation and custom clearing process. His commitment to our association and its objectives is highly appreciated.

These contributions reflect the enduring spirit and solidarity of the Sumangalian community. Your efforts not only aid in the present development of our college but also pave the way for future generations. Thank you for your generosity and unwavering support.