Terms & Conditions

  1. This event will be exclusively for Old Boys of Sri Sumangala College - Panadura.
  2. In order to prove the fact that he is an old boy of Sri Sumangala College, the purchaser must produce a hard/soft copy of the leaving certificate or a valid certificate issued to him by the school authority or the identity card issued by the SSCOBA. In failure to do so, the purchaser will deem to have no right to enter into the ceremony premises.
  3. As all tickets are networked in the name of the purchaser, ticket must not be alienated. If otherwise, ticket will be void.
  4. Entrance gates will open only from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm.
  5. Ticket should be exclusively used to enter the event premises. It is strictly forbidden to use the ticket to enter any other area of the army camp.
  6. It is your duty to fully comply with the requirements of the Sri Lanka army during your complete stay at the event. The SSCOBA organizing committee will not be responsible for any action taken by Sri Lankan army/security officers due to non-adherence of instructions.
  7. You must produce your National Identity Card / Driving License / Passport at the entrance.
  8. Keep your ticket until the end of the event.
  9. Please check your total amount before payment.
  10. Tickets once booked cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  11. A table would be reserved for all purchases of 10 tickets (Call Chamath Dias on 072 751 9408 to reserve your table 10 days before the event).
  12. Liquor and bite store available at premises and not allowed to bring your own.
  13. Dinner from Hilton Colombo Residences, Dry Bites, and Chasers are included in the ticket.
  14. Dress code: Smart casual
  15. A photo booth will be available and you can take your SSCOBA Centenary Celebrations photo for a cost.
  16. SSCOBA organizing committee reserves the right to proceed with any decisions related to the ticket and event.