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The Official Inauguration of Virtual Class Rooms at our Alma Mater held this morning. The ceremony was attended by the Principal, Lt. Col. L. G. P. B. Liyangaskumbura, Mr. Nalaka De Silva – Assistant Principal, Mrs. Nishanthi Karunathne – College ICT Teacher, Dr. M. A. Jagath Wansapala – Secretary of the School Development Society, Mr.

සියලුම ආදී ශිෂ්‍ය මාධ්‍යවේදීන්ට හා මාධ්‍ය ක්ෂේත්‍රයට සම්බන්ධ වෘත්තිකයන්ට කෙරෙන ආරාධනයයි! ශ්‍රී සුමංගල විද්‍යාලයීය ආදී ශිෂ්‍ය සංගමය මගින් පිහිටුවන “ආදී ශිෂ්‍ය මාධ්‍ය කවය” සඳහා අප ආදී ශිෂ්‍ය වෘත්තීය මාධ්‍යවේදීන්ගේ හා මාධ්‍ය ක්ෂේත්‍රයට සම්බන්ධ වෘත්තිකයන්ගේ තොරතුරු එක්රැස් කර ඔවුන්ගේ වෘත්තීය දැනුම සහ පළපුරුද්ද පාසලේ හා ආදී ශිෂ්‍ය සංගමයේ වැඩකටයුතු සඳහා සම්බන්ධ කරගැනීමට ආදී ශිෂ්‍ය සංගමය තීරණය

Having successfully conducted the 1st term tests for grades 6 to 11 using the college and OBA websites and providing answers through WhatsApp Groups created for each grade, SSCOBA is taking a further step to empower the college education with Virtual Class Rooms using Microsoft Office 365 Education and Microsoft Teams applications. At the initial

It is with profound sadness we announce the demise of distinguished old boy Dr. Mahinda P. Malalasekera on 24th April 2020 after a brief illness. Dr. Malalasekera is a great Sumangalian who put his heart and soul to serve our Alma Mater and SSCOBA. He was a live wire at SSCOBA, being a much sought

It is with great pleasure that we announce our distinguished old boy Mr. Sanjeewa Dharmarathne of Sri  Lanka Police Department has been recently promoted to the rank of Senior Deputy Inspector General. Mr. Dharmarathne had his primary education at Sri Sumangala  College. Having successfully completed his secondary education from Nalanda College Colombo, he entered the

It is with great pleasure that we announce our distinguished old boy Sameera Gunawardane of Sri Lanka Air Force has been recently promoted to the rank of Group Captain. Sameera joined Sri Lanka Air Force on 26th January 1998 as an Officer Cadet and later he was commissioned as a Pilot Officer on 20th July 1999 and subsequently promoted to the

SSCOBA is extremely happy to inform that our distinguished old by Mr. Asanga Ranasuriya (RSP and Bar, USP, psc, MSc, BSc(DS) has been promoted to the rank of Commodore. He joined General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University as an Officer Cadet in 1989 and received his second year training at Naval & Maritime Academy, Trincomalee.

Passing Away of Mr. Manukula Fonseka

Saturday, 11 April 2020 by

It is with deep regret we announce the demise of distinguish old boy Mr. Manukula Fonseka on 4th of March 2020. Mr. Fonseka served as the President of SSCOBA Kandy branch and supported the Parent Body in every possible way towards the betterment of the Students, College and the welfare of our old boys. He

Dear Sumangalians, Sri Sumangala College Old Boys’ Association (SSCOBA) is due to celebrate its centenary in October 2022. SSCOBA has planned several activities to commemorate this event in a grand scale. One such activity is to publish an eulogy about SSCOBA. Therefore, SSCOBA is in the process of collecting information for the compilation of this